Hey, Check Out This Plant-Based Diet Guide!

Fruit and vegetable stand in Little Havana: Miami, Florida

This guide has a lot of pretty good info for anyone becoming, or anyone who might be thinking about becoming a vegetarian. One of those things that may have made it a tad easier for me back in 1998 when I went vegetarian for about 10 years.

I still largely prefer a vegetarian diet, but more on that one of these days! 😉



Your victory garden counts more than ever!

With all the Prop 37 CA’s Right To Know talk everyone’s hopefully been hearing out there, I couldn’t help but post up this old U.S. Propaganda photo I found. 😀

Want more info on the issue? I’m glad you asked!

Here you go!… http://www.carighttoknow.org/

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Hey, Check Out This Plant-Based Diet Guide!