The Sidecar Diaries: Cruiser Plus Trailer

For those who don’t know, we were fortunate enough to have been given a
child bike trailer by an awesome couple we had met over the summer. The
boy already loved riding in his seat mounted on my bike, but this has
proven to be another level of enjoyment & usability. 🙂

Only 2 things: 1… pulling a trailer behind a single-speed cruiser up
some of the hills in the San Gabriel Valley has been taxing at times, &
2… It doesn’t exactly function as 1 unit along with the bike, so it
has some push & pull on the bike in various instances.

Oh, we’re definitely thankful for the thing on a daily basis, make no

Now we’re just wondering if the set-up can be improved upon by mounting
the trailer effectively as a side-car on the bike. 2 or 3 points with
PVC or something maybe…

Another option for a side-car is a jogging stroller just waiting to be
used or re-purposed…. 🙂

…decisions, decisions.

The Sidecar Diaries: Cruiser Plus Trailer