Sponsored Petitions: Is It Exploitation?

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…  So I got this petition notice from Change.org.  It tells about a family who lost their son in a murder, and of the bank that immediately & continually harasses them for a student loan debt belonging to their late son.  This possibly should be the main point of this post, & before I go on, you should probably click on this link & sign the online petition for the bank to forgive student loan debts incurred by the (now) deceased:  https://www.change.org/petitions/first-marblehead-corporation-forgive-the-student-loans-of-my-deceased-son

Now I continue…

Upon clicking to sign the online petition, I get accosted, mall-survey style, with a stack of “Sponsored” petitions to possibly sign.  The first 3 of these were of the “gun-control propaganda” variety.  I didn’t screenshot the first one, as I didn’t yet realize the pattern… but, here are the next 2:

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Now before anyone is tempted to go on any self-righteous online tirades complaining about how the law-abiding citizens who are already, for the most part, not killing or shooting people with their guns, need to be regulated – please allow me to interrupt the knee-jerk “talking-point” programming you’ve received for  a moment.

I am not a “gun guy.”  I have never owned a gun, nor do I have any plans to do so.  BUT, I agree with the foundational sentiments regarding the right to do so, & the necessity of the ability to rely on oneself instead of calling on a government to redeem “protection money” (taxes)…

Free speech is already under attack.  Whether you concede the point or not, a good number of your freedoms were lost with the perversely named “Patriot Act” in 2001.  A steady declining sense of freedoms, & even the presumed “entitlement” to any freedoms has manifested since then.

A “need” or “right” to bear arms, taking responsibility for one’s own protection, as much as is safe, appropriate, & legal.  I know such a sentiment is largely seen as “ancient”, “non-essential” & “unnecessary” today.  History seems to disagree.

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Sponsored Petitions: Is It Exploitation?

Quick Thoughts Related to #Parenting: Coffee Spills

Martin Haberman from Lincoln Coffee Lounge & Cafe, Rowe Street, Sydney / photographed by Brian Bird c. 1948-1951

Quick thought related to parenting:

10 years ago:  ah man, I spilled some coffee on the bed!

Now:  at least it wasn’t urine.

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Quick Thoughts Related to #Parenting: Coffee Spills