Surprise Hefeweizen!

JosephsBrau Bavarian Style Hefeweizen

JosephsBrau Bavarian Style Hefeweizen

Birthday beer sampler’s are great! A lot of surprises can be had in these wonderful assortment boxes.

Every beer in Trader Joe’s JosephsBrau Summer Sampler was a welcome surprise… except the Hefeweizen.

I have never had a Hefeweizen that I didn’t like, until now.

Bubble gum? Really?!

My birthday was the 9th of June, & the only bit of the assortment that I didn’t make short work of – more than a month later… were these little hefe’z.

I liked every other offering in the bunch. I just wish these lonely little bastiches weren’t staring back at me so sadly in the “last to be picked” line – only to require a bit of lemon juice to ease them to their end.

*DISCLAIMER/Deflection – Various positive reviews populate the interwebs regarding the beer in question.
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Surprise Hefeweizen!