What’s Eating Them About What We’re Eating? …or… It Is About Our RIGHT TO KNOW

Dear! Stop buying the genetically modified pro...
Dear! Stop buying the genetically modified produce! (Photo credit: Jeff Kubina)

ConAgra: Genetically Modified Foods You Love (...



Yay!  Our RIGHT TO KNOW what’s in our food is actually proving to be a no-brainer, especially now that the ridiculous arguments from the opposition are being exposed.

REMEMBER that a guilty conscience will make people slip-up, play the “blame game”, & tell on themselves to anyone paying attention.

REMEMBER that 50 other countries already require labeling of Genetically Modified Foods.

GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD (Photo credit: The Rocketeer)

REMEMBER that Monsanto stooges have been in every Presidential Administration, adding influence, since I’ve been alive (& probably longer)!

REMEMBER to vote YES on PROP 37 in California in less than a month!

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