The Holy OS Wars

This is kind of a response to a post on Lifehacker

Could this be how the different OS users seem to each other?…  I mean, have you ever noticed how the OS debate always has people responding defensively, as if their choice is being repressed or somehow threatened?  Is it at all likely, that all these defensive/offensive people have any reason to feel that way?… Unless we’re talking about them all being victims of Microsoft, Apple, or Canonical exploiting their pocket-books, it might be an eye-roller…


Constructing window frames for huts in France

Windows users getting defensive might resemble feelings of being the “everyman” that gets downtrodden by “the man” when it’s convenient… you know, the kid in school who got bullied occasionally, but also bullied just as much – but remembers getting bullied.


Apple-bobbing at Ditherington Hallowe'en party

MAC users getting defensive could seem much like the indie music fan with enough disposable income to go to shows all the time, but “no one understands” your “complicated & sophisticated” 1st-world problems…


Participant sitting with a penguin on the Palmer Peninsula, Antarctica c.1962

Linux users getting defensive might look like someone who has found religion & want to peacefully go about the rest of their existence… until they can’t deal with the stigmatized feeling & deliberate incompatibility anymore & finally start telling you why your OS is leading you straight into techno-hell!  But you started it.  And you still want to kill them.

So what do you think?…

I’m hopefully poking fun at all of the above, without getting too nasty in the process.  I think it’s been long enough that feelings on these 3 might actually have largely changed.  I mean, so what if there’s tons of people using Linux when they don’t know it’s Linux (phones & various other devices)… Isn’t that how Windows got so much market share?  People just bought a PC & used what was on it & what hopefully worked.  Does anyone other than the tech-heads care that much?

Please, do chime in – just leave the jerk-pants at the door.  😉

*This was originally commented on Google+.

**Brief disclosure:  I use Linux distros most of the time these days, used Windows previously at home (much like everyone else who bought a new PC), as well as in the workplace, & I used MACs back as a Computer Graphics Major.

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The Holy OS Wars