Find me on Codecademy!…

I’ve been meaning to get into this for a long time.  I’ve finally made some initial accelerated steps to do so, including, but not limited to, taking Stanford’s CS101 course on Coursera (great class, enjoyed it quite a bit!).

I got a taste several years ago, with very basic HTML customization on an old Xanga blog, then Myspace (*shudder*), then the even more customizable platform.  I think I had reached a point that made anyone who wasn’t playing with code think I was a computer guru (non-intentional), but not enough for anyone who knew better to fool themselves about my ability.  ;p

Compound this with the fact it’s been a bit hard for me to gauge exactly where my skill level was, although it’s making more sense these days.  I should also mention Degreed, which is a great resource that’s helped me start to get a clearer picture of my accumulated learning.

Completed so far…

More to come…

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